Obtaining an engraved money effect in CD 2019

Full disclosure I'm new to CorelDraw and or graphics programs, I have been working on the learn corel training vids from how to Gurus and the 0-60 boot camp

and would like to find out if there is a way already in the 2019 graphics suite/photo painter to obtain an engraved effect like this brush or plugin on creative market

for adobe photoshop (creativemarket.com/.../1151046-Quick-Engrave-Engraver-Effect). I would really appreciate any and all comments. I have read that all AI brushes and plugins don't work on CD. The halftone line look is so cool and there is a quagmire of info - macros, scripts, complaints about 2019 edition and what not, but I bought it and am determined to make the best of it. I didn't want to pay the monthly fee of the AI products and Corel is very powerful if you KNOW how but I struggle with creative impatience. If someone knew how to do this and could make a tutorial on YT or point me to one THANKS in advance!!!