Photo paint home&student 2019

Ik ben een nieuwe gebruiker van Corel.

Wat me opvalt is dat in photo-paint alles heel groot is. Grote pictogrammen en grote letters.
In corel-draw is alle normaal.
waar kan ik deze instellingen vinden?

  • I am a new user of Corel.
    What strikes me is that in photo-paint everything is very big. Large icons and large letters.
    In corel draw, all is normal.
    where can I find these settings?
  • Does anyone have experience with CorelDraw Essentials 2020?

    It looks like it's a light version of the traditional CorelDraw app. But a) they won't tell how light it is and b) you can NOT download a trial of CD Essentials.

    One of the essential (!) things for me that's not available is exporting to PDF. But I would like to know if anyone has experience with the app.

    So it looks like you get less functionality for more money, cause CD Essentials costs 30 dollars/euros more than CD H&S 2019.

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