Where did the lens indicator go in the Objects docker???


First of all, I must apologize for my bad English since it isn't my native language. But I'll try to describe my point.

I've been using X6 for the last 5-6 years so it was time to test a newer version of CorelDRAW. 2-3 weeks ago I had an opportunity to work with the 2019 version and I've been working on it since then so I can be familiarized with all the aspects that had changed from the old X6.

I recall that my workflow is pretty much based on the (former) Object Manager docker because my projects require multiple layers and normally include hundreds of objects across them. So I must confess that this docker has been my best partner at work for the past 30 years! 

When I'm developing a project, I found myself many times checking the objects/layers list and observing their properties (styles, colors, forms/curves. outlines, fills, contours, lens, etc.). In this version many changes kept my attention immediately, many for the better, others not really... One of the aspect I'm shocked with is the absence of the indicator right below an object (or a "+" sign when collapsed) in the Objects docker when a transparency lens is applied to an object. Other effects, like Contour for example, is showed attached as before. Why doesn't the transparency behave the same way?! However but the "+" sign is gone when collapsed...

These changes not only affect significantly my workflow but also confuse the user because at a glance you can't figure out what objects have transparency or contours applied and which ones don't.

I'll attach an image that show this issue (I used an image from other topic posted by Mike in Canada showing the X6 workspace, because right now I don't have that version installed). In version 2019 (on the left) some of the rectangles have transparency applied. I challenge you to tell me which objects do.

Don't know about the 2021 version, but hoping that Corel put the lens indicator back in the Objects docker. Regards!


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