Google Drive

Afternoon all,

I decided to upload my flash drive to Google Drive and up my storage. However, how do I work on a CDR file while its on the drive. I would have thought it would have open up as usual as long as the pc I'm on has Corel. Any tips. I tried to down load a file but that didn't work at all. What am I missing.

  • And I will be wondering how, if you find out, let me know and please, I am grateful in advance

  • You'll need to install the Google Drive app on your computer - it'll essentially map your G drive as another harddrive, so opening/saving files is the same action as if they were stored locally. In addition, when saving files, it temporarily saves them to your local harddrive so the save is super fast and not dependent on your intenet upload speed, and then it uploads the file to your Gdrive in the background and deletes the temp file when complete. Dropbox's desktop app works the same way. Both are slick and make storing files on your computer obsolete.