Macro working despite warning "-2147467259 (80004005)".

I needed a macro that would arrange all the pages of a document in another document in the form of a grid. So I started to program this macro. After finishing I noticed that after performing the task once it threw a warning. But my surprise was bigger when I saw that if I debugged and pressed f5 it continued perfectly until the next cycle.

the code:

Sub documentTeTeEse()

  Dim DocO As Document
  Set DocO = ActiveDocument
  ancho = DocO.ActivePage.SizeWidth
  alto = DocO.ActivePage.SizeHeight
  iter = DocO.Pages.Count
  If iter < 10 Then
    maxx = iter * ancho
    maxx = ancho * 10
  End If
  maxy = RoundUp(iter / 10) * alto
  Dim DocN As Document
  Set Propi = CreateStructCreateOptions
  With Propi
    .Name = DocO.Name + " - Grid"
    .PageWidth = maxx
    .PageHeight = maxy
    .Resolution = 300
    .Units = DocO.Unit
  End With
  Set DocN = Application.CreateDocumentEx(Propi)
  DocN.ReferencePoint = cdrTopLeft
  DocN.DrawingOriginX = -DocN.ActivePage.SizeWidth / 2
  DocN.DrawingOriginY = DocN.ActivePage.SizeHeight / 2

  For Each p In DocO.Pages
    nombre = p.Name
    x = (((p.Index - 1) Mod 10) * ancho)
    y = -RoundDown((p.Index - 1) / 10) * alto
    ActiveSelection.Group.Name = nombre
    ActiveSelection.PositionX = x
    ActiveSelection.PositionY = y
  Next p
End Sub

how could I disable the warning -2147467259 (80004005) or prevent it from coming up.

  • In general, the best solution is to find out why your code is generating an error.

    If you want the macro to continue after encountering an error, you could include this in your code:

    On Error Resume Next

    You could put that fairly early in your sub, e.g., after your declarations, but before you really start doing anything.

    That is something to use with a great deal of caution, because ignoring errors can produce unexpected results.

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