VGCore popup


I am new to Corel and installed CorelDraw 2021 recently. I have been having an issue with crashing but the current issue which I need a fix for immediately is the popup I get VGCore that tells me I don't have enough memory.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this as I am at a standstill and can't do my work today.

  • I had this happen for the first time this morning.  I use an embedded excel table as a revision table on drawings, and have never had any issue with just double clicking to activate it for updates.   This morning, that VGCore error popped up.  

    My first instinct proved to be successful.  Shut down, restart, try again.   The error disappeared.   Not sure if this is exclusive to Corel, as it also occurred with an embedded excel in Solidworks.  The reboot cleared the error in that instance as well.