Printable Area

Now that I am getting fairly adept at basic Corel Draw designing - I have a couple of nagging issues that I want to follow up on.

I asked this question last year. (paraphrasing) ..... Can I select on object outside the print page and print it out by using the "print selection" option in the dialogue box.

The answer I got was no.  

A lot of my preliminary artwork is in CMYK.  After I am done the final artwork is in RGB and I move it to the print page to print.

I usually select everything on the print page and hit the "print selection only" option in the dialogue box.  This seems to load the image faster and prints faster.

If I forget to hit the "print selection only" option and it defaults to the "print page" or print document" option ...  I always get  a warning in the print preview pane "your drawing has CMYK colors in it.

This is true if the printer is reading the entire workbook page - but if it can only print what is on the printable page (RGB only) - then why is it scanning the entire workspace and picking up the CMYK colors?

Or I can ask it this way - why does the coreldraw printer driver scan the entire workbook when it can only print what is on the printable page? 

The other nagging question - I can't seem to get the outline tool to default to RGB.... it always defalutls to CMYK and I have to go to the RGB color palette and right click to get the outline color to RGB.  Bugs the hell out of me so any help there is also appreciated.