CMYK Bitmap/ Raster Color Issues: How Do I keep Rich/ Saturated CMYK Colors?

Heres an example of whats happening. The Color Blend/ Gradient is just very poor when it becomes rasterized. This is Intended for print. We used to print RGB and would get really good saturated prints from RGB but recently some prints have been quite poor in comparison so I switched to CMYK. I think some of the printer's settings are different/ changed and figured CMYK would be a safe bet for printing purposes, but if theyre going to still look bad like this idk what to do. 

Why is the color gradient becoming so gray and washed out?

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  • Color management is more than managing color it's also about managing expectations. 

    If you create in RGB colors and print to different devices you'll get different results as the device will convert to the media profile with the gamut that the device is capable of producing.  The reason some of your RGB colors turned out poor is that you created colors that your printer was unable to reproduce. 

    An 8 or 12 color inkjet may print much more closely to what you see on screen than a 6 color or 4 color inkjet. A cmyk laser printer may do better than a true CMYK printing press. However depending on the RGB color space you use in CorelDRAW none will match the screen.

    When you convert to a CMYK bitmap the colors display in the CMYK gamut which is incapable of reproducing the RGB colors. CorelDRAW is just showing you what it will look like on press.