Duplication change

Hi guys, i will try to explain my problem or inconvenient.

I used to work with Corel since 2001, I have a method to duplicating and moving objects simple adjusting the displacement value and using the '+' key in the numpad, so i duplicate and moved the graphic out of the actual page and change to the next page and move the graphic inside, so i can have the duplicated graphic in the same place as the original, this is mainly because copy and paste sometimes causes lag because my graphics often include HR imagery.

Well, the problem is that with Corel 2020 (first upgrade from X6) when i duplicate and move outside of the page if i change to the next page the graphics still in the original page, i dont really know how to solve this problem and hope you guys can help me.

English it is not my main languaje, sorry if it is not well written.