Draw with a Function / Vector?


today I installed the 2020 version. Before that, I had contact with the program hmmm some 15 years ago in computer science classes at school.
I remember what we were doing in the classroom. Now, I want to remind myself of this because I need it for my current project. The case looks like this ... On the basis of the provided data, I would like some of you to remind me how it works / how to do it ... (now a short description of what I remember from school activities) during the classes we used the function (I don't remember the name - here I'm counting on you) in which we entered data in four available fields.
Something like a vector? I remember that after entering the numerical data (shifts?) And after confirmation, the function drew what was described in it, e.g. eights, squares, triangles, etc. maybe it is even close to what you did in VisualBasic? best regards and please help