Corel Draw 2020 - Bugs on MAC

macOS Catalina v.10.15.5 iMac "27Late 2014

- save files with text and on re-opening some lines changed with a copie of other lines and the original text is cancelled (lost hours of work)

- vector images get represented in pixels with a really bad resolution (what software does something like that? corel is the only i know)

- really slow on opening and working (just like 2019 version - i hoped they make something better - but NO)

- constantly crashes like in the 2019 version - no improvements it seems as if nothing has been changed, quite the contrary

someone knows if the PC version has the same Problems?

i thinking to buy a pc to work on corel files

it's possible to use the subscription for mac on pc to?

  • ...same thing, I had Corel in several version with windows with the same experiences. Now I have a mac Mini M1 same thing. I think Corel have a general problem with stability, if they not solve this root problem, then we will never have a proper software and we pay a lot of money for it. For  all the version I had I paid over 1500 USD. - Don't change on PC, it make no sense.