Now that 2020 is synced for Windows AND MAC with included collaboration...can we add font manager sync as well?

I see the new collaboration is available in 2020 as part of the big update....personally I would have loved to have just seen simple bug fixes.  Thank goodness navigation is fixed so I'm not panning all over the place while editing!! I'll take it.

However, I would love to see Font Manager add support for automatic font sync among the machines on a network.  Not necessarily over the cloud, cause I don't want something else I need a triple subscription rate increase on.  I have 2 macs and a PC at home.  I would love to see font sync between these machines on the same network so I can easily move from one machine to the next.  Also when my kids get around to installing Corel, then they could easily take advantage of new fonts I find as well without having to do search all over again on the net for school projects.

Sure, there are products like Font Sync and Font Manager Pro, etc. But why not add this to Corel Font Manager as part of the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach that Corel has been doing since day one? A truly useful and powerful tool to add, no doubt.