Pen tool buggy or just poor behavior

As usual over the last couple decades, it only takes me seconds to find bugs and problems with latest Corel release.  2020 is no exception.  The behavior of the pen tool is awful.  I don't remember if it was always that awful, of if this is new.  I select the pen tool and just start drawing a shape.  I go back over the line that I'm drawing and place a node on a random place on the line.  Here is where it fails instantly.  I hold control, grab that node and move it's position. Then I press undo......nothing happens....I press undo 10 more times and nothing happens.  So I hit the escape key, or click on the artboard, then press undo again and now it's working.  I repeat this set of steps a few more times in order to be sure of what I'm seeing and the steps that are required to do it.

Furthermore, when using the pen tool, the pen tool unexpectedly changes form pen to some kind of node selector tool.  What I expect to happen is that I can switch to such a tool by holding the Control key or some key modifier.  But what Coreldraw is doing is, it is switching to that tool on it's own. So, I'm holding the pen tool, and I'm needing the pen tool because I want to place a node on the line, but it can't because Coreldraw has arbitrarily switched to a node selection or editor tool.  In order to get the pen tool back, it seems that I must click multiple times on the line and get completely out of the flow of what I was actually doing.  This behavior is unbelievably bad for software that professionals need to rely on for a living.

I found all of that within the first 1 minute of installing the demo. I wonder if I should check to see if some of the traditionally broken stuff has been fixed in this release.  It would be shocking if it has.

If I keep looking, I'm going to find many more bugs.

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