Problem with display some specific colors!


I have been seeing a problem for some time that Corel 2020 does not display certain colors correctly.
After the CMYK PDF X3 export, some colors are shown totally different on my working document at Corel.
But it only affects a few colors. The other colors shown correctly after the export. I am aware that there are always marginal
color differences after the exporting, but with the 3 colors and related tints (see pictures) the difference in this case are to much.

Corel display colors                after Corel export to PDF X3

Corel display                    after PDF X3 export (right colors)

I also describe the same case in a German forum and some ohter users had the same problems.
Is it an bug (again) from Corel?

Maybe someone can check it in his version? That would be great.

Here are the problem colors with CMYK values.