Brush settings do not save or do not display a name

Hello community,

I have installed CorelDrawSuite2020 including the first update at the moment (HP laptop with Win10, Corel X6 is also installed as this is my current Corel) and there are two bugs wich I ran into

1. When I want to save a custom brush-setting in Corel Photopaint 2020 it is either not saved at all or the name I gave is not displayed. I always get the 'Save Brush' Popup either with a preset name field (the default brush which was changed) which, when altered, results in the setting actually beeing stored but without name in the brush selection list  - or the name field in the popup is empty and no matter what I enter the settings are not saved. This behaviour is a bit... unfortunate tbh.

2. I use an older wacom cintiq and when I have the program open on the wacom screen I can't move it back to the primary screen - it is stuck. Not a major issue since when I unplug wacom cintiq it pops immediately back to primary screen. I haven't had the the opportunity to check if it is a general problem with using a second screen.