How do we modify or edit dimension lines in CorelDraw

We need some assistance using dimension lines for a floor plan in CorelDraw.  Please note that we are creating the dimension lines on a separate layer from the floor plan (which is also comprised of multiple layers), so that we can turn the dimension lines ON/OFF for the floor plan as needed.

BACKGROUND:  Our dimension lines are normally snapped to object nodes so the dimension values will change when the object is resized.  Nevertheless, we often find a disconnect between the dimension line and the object (i.e., the dimension doesn't change when the object changes size).  The problem is how to re-link or snap the dimension start and end points back to the desired nodes of the object for broken dimensions.  In general, working with dimensions has been very frustrating for us because of frequent broken dimension lines.


  1. Is there a way to edit an existing dimension line's begin and end points by re-snapping them to the desired object nodes?
  2. Do changes to the 'Edit Across Layers' setting in the 'Object Manager' docker break dynamic dimension lines not on the same layer as the object?
  3. Does moving a dynamic dimension line between layers break object links?
  4. Is there a way to prevent dimension lines from becoming disconnected from their assigned beginning and end object nodes?
  5. Is there a macro for adding dynamic dimension lines to ALL the straight segments of a multi-line outline object?

Dimension lines are an incredible asset, but only if reliable.  It appears this feature has not been enhanced for a long time but we hope major enhancements will help functionality, flexibility, and intuitive implementation.  Thank you for any assistance.