Corel Draw 2020 Crashes when it's sitting in the background


I have been using  Corel Draw since Corel Draw version ONE.

Some years have been great, a few years were awful.

So far 2020 has been awful.  I may have 5 files open in Corel Draw 2020 and I may go to view an email and when I go back to Corel Draw, it's gone.

and NO BACK UP comes up when I start up the software !!!!

This new marketing idea of making us pay for your software every year is ASSNINE......Especially if it's only working 60% of the time....

MY bitmap and Corel Paint doesn't work, I have to backtrack to a Corel Draw 18 version, fix a raster file to get a vector image created, and then email the image to myself.

If I don't do this, the edit bitmap locks up the software and I have to reboot Corel Draw.    ( Now IS this worth paying for this every year?  NO!!  )

AND NO ONE answers a question at Corel.  You are lucky if they understand the question.

If someone has any answers that work, please notify me.

Thank you!