I want to powerclip 1000 images through macro

I have 1000 images placed on top of each other in a .cdr file. There is a grid 32x32 of 1024 cells in the same document file. I want to poweclip these images in that grid using a macro. When I run the macro I get runtime error even on first image. Please help how to resolve runtime 91 error on powerclip? 

  • I would like some help creating a command that will select a range of cells in a specific workbook and erase all images within that range. I have a daily log for work that I must update with pictures and details from the days work. Once a week, after I submit the file to my supervisor I have to go in and manually clear out all the pictures. I have already created a macro to clear out all the text, but I am unable to figure out a macro to quickly remove all the pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The sheet is titled Mon and the range of cells is C69 to P135.