Spooky Window Action At A Distance

I'm having an issue with the CorelDraw's window on the taskbar. I'm currently using CD 2020, but I had the same issue on X8 and X9. I thought this might be a Windows 10 issue since I didn't have the same problem on previous versions of Windows, but it only occurs with CorelDraw, and not even other Corel programs I use.

I keep a lot of windows open, sometimes as many as twenty at a time. In order to keep track of them, I often put them into a certain order. And they all stay that way on the task bar, except for the CorelDraw window. No matter where I slide position the window tab (usually at the far left), if I click on or off the window tab, it immediately moves to the last position on the taskbar on the right. On rare occasions, even when I am not clicking on it, it moves to the last position depending on what another application is doing. For example, if I save all the open documents in WordPerfect 2020, it will once in a while trigger the behavior, but only if I have a lot of files open (I often keep a lot of files open in WP as well). I guess this could be a memory usage issue because I am constantly taxing my system, but I can't see how. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior from the window?