Using the left mouse key, moving an object creates a duplicate.

It had not done this before.  I do not use the right mouse button, which is normally how I copy an object.  Simply picking an object and moving it causes a copy to be made.  How to change this behavior?

  • I remember there was an issue in previous versions, that would create copies if the "Apply to duplicate" button was left active in Property Bar after using the Free Transform Tool, but it was fixed long ago and you are on Draw 2020, right?

    To check, open the Pick Tool flyout menu (click and hold the Pick Tool icon until the menu appears) and select Free Transform.
    Select an object and then any of the options in Property Bar (Rotation, Reflection, Scale or Skew), and make sure "Apply to duplicate" is active in Property Bar.
    Now, drag near the selected object and drop, and you will find that a copy has been created.

    A long time ago this mode would stick, and copies were created also when dragging with the ordinary Pick Tool.
    Extremely confusing and hard to find what was causing it.
    But, just to be sure, deactivate the "Apply to duplicate" button and try again. :-)