Vector Cuts

Hello there - I'm having real trouble trying to figure out why I can raster a engravement - then when I Vector the same image - it cuts it slightly off-line rendering the whole engraving useless. Using Coreldraw 2020 - printing to an Epilog Laser Helix (50watts) 

  • Not sure exactly what you're saying here (don't know enough about engraving) but it sounds like you
    1. have an image that you use as a base for engraving into something, and then you
    2. vectorize that image with Corel PowerTrace (?) or any other automatic tracing program, and then
    3. use the vector outline created in that process to cut the engraving along the edges of the image.

    In that case, does the cut line have the correct shape but it is slightly off center, or is it in the correct position but doesn't follow the edges of the engraving?

    Can you post a picture perhaps?

  • Start with your drawing and place your cut path around the engraved art and save as and rename. Open the original file and follow your procedure for engraving. Open the file you created with the path and use that to cut the engraving.