Power outage caused macro to be corrupted?

So I had a power outage at work while I was working in Corel. Now one of my most frequently used macros won't work anymore.

I use Recent Files from the YinkaMacs Macro Collection. Whenever I try to launch the macro, either from my shortcut or the collection menu, I get this error.

Run-time error '-2147352571 (80020005)':
Could not set the List property. Type mismatch.

I've tried uninstalling, restarting, and installing again. Installing different versions of the collection that I've found online. Clearing my temp folder. None worked.

I've tried to reach out to Yinka on their blog and messaging them on here but I probably won't get a response. 

Is there some type of file that got corrupted that this macro is trying to access? What's weird is that when I uninstall and reinstall, it saved the startup position of the menu, so is there a memory of user settings somewhere?