Corel files takes much longer time to open some files

My problem is that when i open some of the files in corel it takes a very long time to open i.e approx 7 to 10 mints even for file size of around 500 kb.

 When we open any of the cdr files given by outsiders it opens up within 3 mints for a file size of around 60-70 Mb. Is their any setting in corel to reduce this time? or is their any other solution to this?

 This is not the case for all the files, if we check some of our older files from backup it works fine. I have set the memory as 50% of RAM. I am working in Corel 11.0. (on PC platform) Also tried to format the harddisk & re installing the corel, still same problem is observed

Request all to give the solution


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  • - Open the View Docker (Ctrl+F2) If is there a "saved view", delete all

    - Open the Styles Docker (Ctrl+F5) Delete all unused styles. Only must be 3 styles (Default Graphic, Default artistic text and Default paragraph text)

    Rakesh Bhardwaj said:
    I was also in the same situation like you a while ago untill i have found a solution to recreate the file, this was likely occur when copy and paste any object from a file which is already consuming the lot of time and since the matter in the new file is coming from the previous one it also get infected, You can visit the below link to find a trick to solve this problem...

    Coreldraw files takes a long time to open apply this trick

    Saving as CMX deletes all extra information, including the saved Views (Ctrl+F2) and Styles  (Ctrl+F5). That's the reason for why this "solution" works. But, i yu save as CMX you will loose a lot of extra-information, such as page setup, and some effects are break apart, changed or converted to bitmap. So, this is not the best solution.

    Other tip for increase the speed:

    - Disable compression on save (Tools/Options/Document/save) and also save CMX data with document.


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