Digital screen printing on t-shirts

Hello!  Hopefully someone can provide me some guidance on the correct way to export my graphic.  I have a simple black and white graphic that is going to be heatpressed onto a t-shirt.  The vendor requested a Jpeg; however, I see the white background when I export it.  Can you provide the correct way to supply with the graphic so only the black logo (no white background) appears?

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  • Here, the screen-printed. A couple of extra bits of information. DTG is likewise estimated based on the ml of ink per print utilized. This makes it costly to utilize in light of the fact that it will cost more to utilize an enormous ink-hefty plan than a more modest plan that covers less region. The measure of ink utilized isn't paid by screen-printing.

    DTG will look exceptionally pleasant for full shading prints, for example, photographs. Innovation is ceaselessly improving.

    Screen-printing is a much unrivalled, longer-enduring strategy for essential realistic shirts at nf merchandise.

    DTG is certainly not a simple technique it's actually so troublesome that you could possibly have the option to investigate it yourself if your DTG framework separates. DTG gadgets are exorbitant.

    Screen-print machines are frequently manual presses that are impenetrable. There is almost no opportunity for breakdown and actually hard to investigate issues that can emerge from a very much set up press.

    Screen-printing likewise takes into account more prominent selections of inks utilized. Plastisol is the business standard for texture printing. In any case, water-based inks are well known for non-abrasiveness. Someplace in there, release printing is likewise an extraordinary more tweaked alternative (it's a fading strategy). There are likewise various enhancements choices, for example, inks that puff up and make volume, sparkle in obscurity, mirror light (3M wellbeing), look reflexive, look matte, incorporate metallic sparkle, shine.


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