Problem with export gradient fill to PDF

I recently have been having this problem publishing a Corelx8 file with a gradient fill  to Pdf.

The fills after exporting are ALOT of vector solid  fills getting lighter to darker like an eps.

It used to turn gradients into a bitmap, I know that setting is in the export settings, but clicked on or not it turns my gradient fills to ALOT of vectors.

I reset back to default and it still does this.  What has changed?

I had to re do my art over and over and i did get it one TIME to export it as a bitmap, second, third, fourth,....... 40th try all vectors.

I can't figure out the rhyme or reasoning for this. I tried, all the configurations PDF x-1a. PDF  x-3 i lowered the resolution to 72, I raised the resolution.

Still can't get it to publish as a bitmap like it used to do.

Any help would be greatful.