Hi there, 

I have purchased CorelDRAW Subscription (365 days) For Windows; though the email said that I should get it within two days the most. That was three days ago and I haven't still got it. 

Despite repeated emails to Coreldraw, the only respond I keep getting is the ticket submission. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience with CorelDRAW. 

I think it's time CorelDRAW get its act together, we don't have time to chase behind for my product after paying. It would have been more ethical if CorelDRAW have warned me before the purchase. Very unprofessional!  Bad customer experience. Will share this on social too so that others don't get ripped off. 

I have been using CorelDRAW for a while now; but my fellow industry professionals warned about CorelDRAW and its customer care, and was advising me to switch to Adobe instead (which is the industry standard here in Australia).

Now I am forced to get my money back.

A total scam. 

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  • Yes you are right...they have very worst service....I am old user with Active Membership...but Corel system missed to sent upgrade link. I contacted Corel India after after I got email about You are valued customer send your license & contact contact they told.. We are sending the link slot have to wait till 29th March 2022...why this wait...1st link sent to a some clients wef 9th March 2022...why should wait....(I am active membership If it was ended by 15th march(launch date) that scenario they will not send the link?...In last update i face same issue!!!