Did Corel Draw 2019 do away with saving as a dxf file? Please advise. Thanks!!!

Hi, I need to trace images in Corel Draw and export them to PlasmaCAM.  I used Corel Draw X4 and 5 for years.  My computer recently died so I just got a new laptop.  I bought the latest Corel Draw 2019 (student version) and it’s not an option to save as a DXF file.  Please advise.  Thanks!!!!

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  • I am using it for personal use at school

    Be aware that the "Education" version is very different from the "Home & Student" version.

    To the best of my knowledge - based on my experience with 2018 and earlier; haven't checked for 2019 - the Education version has the same capabilities as the "full" suite, but is not intended for commercial use. I think - again, from experience with earlier versions - that the license might only allow installation on a single machine.