About to 'Invest' in CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019: Upgrade or Stand Alone Version?


I am using a bona fide, but unregistered, version of CD 9 (!!!!) which I bought many years ago from someone I knew (just gave Customer Service the user code, but I think they wanted that as a part of the sales pitch - they were presuming that I would buy on the phone). I have the box, user manuals, and the CDs. VidMate

A little confused about the best options for purchase, so would appreciate suggestions, advice and help re.:

  1. Should I buy the CAN $249 'Upgrade' version - unfortunately, getting the boxed version is $50 extra (and which, I think, is only a Back Up CD, according to what Customer Service told me on the 'phone)? word counter

  2. Or, should I go with the full, stand alone $549?

  3. I suspect that the "You are eligible for the $249 upgrade" is actually marketing, designed to look good in comparison to the $549 price, regardless of whether or not I had previous version of CD - they really were doing a hard sell on the phone, and it sounded a little sketchy. Am I wrong about this?

It would seem to me to be a waste of money for me to go with the annual (365 day) option, because I am not a professional designer and cannot deduct the cost of the package from my taxes, and also because two years of subscribing will equal the cost of the $549 option.

Thanks for any help you can give me.