Some PDF files not importing or importing incorrectly in Corel Draw 2019


Coming from a printing and other technical background. I am enjoying learning Corel.

However, running into some issues when working with actual jobs.

I hope somebody can help, already spent several hours doing researching the trying alternatives.

When I try to import certain PDF's I am getting "Invalie fil format" or the file looks corrupted (missing objects, out of place etc.).

I found an post that suggested opening the file in Acrobat Pro and saving as PDF Optimized.  And that works.

My questions are:

  • Is there a way to not have to do that and import directly to Corel?
  • What is the specific setting or process that corrects the file?
  • Is there a less expensive software that will do this as well (open and save as optimized, or whatever process fixes the file?

Thank you in advanced!

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