Need Help In Corel Photo Paint

I had a company send me a saying that has a black back ground and white print. I am trying to get rid of the black back ground and then copy the white print to resize and put on a t-shirt. Can this be done? Can anyone tell me how if it can be done. 

I am new to Corel products so this is a challenge. Should I be trying to do it in Corel Draw or Corel Photo Paint?

I only of a trail subscription and it will be over in a few days. If the program will not do what I need done I do not what to buy it. 

Any help


Creekside Crosses

Thanks for all your help. I tried it with the transparency tool and everything turn white so I could not see the print. Here is what I am working on. I am just trying to get the writing on pictures of different color shirts.

  • If the program will not do what I need done I do not what to buy it. 

    It will do whatever you need, you just need to know how to make it do it.

    You may want to upload the file so someone can help u better.  It depends on your work, but I prefer CorelDraw (vector and raster) most definitely over PhotoPaint, and I use Photoshop for raster image work anyways.

  • There are several ways you can do this in Photo-Paint, but the quality of the resulting text will depend on the quality of your original image. Below are two methods you can try.  Ideally, if you want better quality text for your T-shirt, you should recreate the text/saying in CorelDRAW. Vector is always better, since you can resize without loosing any quality.

    Be sure to work on a copy of your image, just in case

    Quick & Easy...
    Use the Color Transparency tool. Whatever color you select with this tool will become transparent. Tolerances can be set on its property bar. Click the black area of the image and poof! the black is gone. You may have some remaining grayish pixels left if the text is anti-aliased.


    May be better quality, perhaps more precise by selecting white text instead of black...
    Use Mask>Color Mask. Use the eye dropper tool in the Color Mask dialog to sample the white/text area of your image. Click OK. The white area should now be selected (indicated by the marching ants/marquee). You can copy this to a new layer, or copy and paste as a new image if you like.


  • Is this the size image they sent you? It so small you're going get a lot of pixelization no matter what method you try. As far as not being able to see the text when you remove the black, you can always add or change the color of the background in PP, so when you remove the black you will be able to see the letters. 

    However...the font used is called Stingray and you can find it here for free:
    So save yourself time and headache, download and install the font, create the words separately (Artistic text) in CorelDRAW and then arrange as in the image. Resize to the actual size you need for your t-shirt, recolor as needed.

    Created in CorelDRAW 2018:


  • Hi,

    Here's my approach.


    - Upsample to final size

    - Invert image to get a better view of edges

    - blur to smooth edges

    _ use THRESHOLD, sharpen  or any other way to increase contrast

    _ select the text with the color mask tool

    _convert to layer

    _ delete the lower layers


    The white text should now be visible against the checker background.