Needed: Advanced Merge Macro/Script

I have designed a "Russian Lotto" (Bingo-like) card with fancy borders and a 5 by 6 table (to contain random numbers.  What I can't figure out is a way to AUTOMATICALLY place each one of those random numbers (in external .csv file) in one of the 30 table fields, CENTERED.  It's a pain to drag n drop, then size, etc.  I would happily pay for such a tool - can't find such a beast in GDG Macros or MacroMonster.  Perhaps I'll have to resort to a long, complex recorded script.  Thanks, fellow Forum members.

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  • It's a pain to drag n drop, then size, etc.

    I understand why you would want to automate the transfer of the text (numbers of empty strings for blank spaces) from an external source.

    It should be straightforward, though, because all of the formatting - the typeface, the font size, the horizontal and vertical alignment - can already be in place on the table.

    This is me just clcking and typing, clicking and typing, etc.