Pen tool 2nd control handle workflow

Hello all -- I'm a longtime AI user shifting to CorelDRAW (X7). I'm still getting used to it and have a question about the pen tool.

I want to use the pen tool to make a curve with independent control handles, so the node will be a cusp. I try to do this:

1) With pen tool, single click on canvas to make a node

2) Click and hold elsewhere on canvas to make a second node and drag out control handles

3) Alt-click the node to change it to a cusp

4) Hold and drag on the second node to get the 2nd control handle independent of the 1st control handle

When I try to do step 4, the 2nd control handle is always tangent to the 1st control handle. As a result, the node is smooth, not cusp.

Is there a way to do this without breaking my workflow? The only way I've found is to switch to Shape Builder tool, convert the second curve to a curve, then drag out the 2nd control handle. But this is time consuming.

A picture of what I'm talking about is attached