Macro to delete individual (or grouped) images/text from selected multiple pages

Noob to the community. But I have searched and cannot find.

Specific need:  On a multiple page file (50-200 pages), we have a daily need to delete and replace a repeating image that is the same size, shape, position on several pages. We use this image as a link to return back to the page the viewer came from (after it has been converted to PDF). The reason for this need is to overcome our scrambled links issue (I know, different thread - different day). So presently, each time we update and a scramble takes place, we delete the offending linked image, and paste a good one in its place. If there was a macro to select and delete the offending image (from a custom page range), this would be our little miracle. A bigger miracle would be a macro to not only do that, but also replace a new image with a valid link in its place.

I have seen some brilliant solutions on this community - anyone know of a Macro fix?

NOTE: Presently, I found Yinka's Macros that offer a solution for copy/pasting multiple images as part of the solution (it works, even with links attached). But the action of deleting multiple images before pasting new ones is still needed.

Thoughts? Miracles? Many thanks in advance.