Flattening vectors & keeping resolution.

I'm hoping someone can assist me with this. I am wanting to take a vector that has multiple objects and "merge/flatten" them to form one object that only has nodes/curves around the outside of the image. When I flatten the image it loses resolution and appears not to be a vector any more. The reason I want to eliminate all the node/curves of the separate objects and only have nodes on the outside border of the image is for people to use the design with a cutting machine. If all the objects have nodes the cutting machine will cut around each object instead of the whole image. I've spent days trying to work out and find out how to do this to no avail! I'm desperate! Could someone please help? Thanks. Helen

  • select all and go Object/Shaping/Boundary. Cut, select all your shapes and rasterize them i.e Go Bitmaps/Convert to Bitmap - rgb at 300dpi. Now paste and you'll have a vector cut line around your "flattened image"

  • I think that using the word, "flatten" may be causing confusion. To many people, that means, "convert all of the content to a single bitmap".

    As Myron suggested, have you looked at using the Boundary command?

    Here's a video that discusses some aspects of using it: