Broken Corel Account and Nobody From Corel Support Solve It

Hello all.

I bought CorelDrwa Suite 2020. I installed to one of my PC. After changing my laptop i install CDRW 2020 into new laptop and want to sing in with my credential and use my license.

But my account doesn´t work.

I contact the technical support via chat (at Friday 14th May 2021). Technicia said that sombody contact me. nothing happend. In sunday i contacted tech support again and they do new ticket. Nothing happend. At monday i tried it third one. nobody help me. And then they send me and e-amil that they close the fist (the oldest) ticket, due duplication. Perfect. 

It´s a week ago (7 days) that i can´t do my work as designer and graphician. 

Nobody from tech support contact me. Nobody solve the problem. And i can´t use the CDRW2020 that i paid for.

It´s frustrating for me. I´m so angry.

I want to help with contact the Consumer Protection Authority.

Because I want my money back or I want to solve my problem.

Solving will be easy: 

1) reset my account

2) add the right S/N of CDRW2020 to my account.

Thats all.

  • Unfortunately, this is a common complaint.

    All I can suggest is to continue to try as no one here is in a position to help you.

    Its amazing how Corel believes the best approach to customer retention is annoying popup ad’s