point to point line function missing

I've been using Coreldraw for some years and now can't access the point to point line function, it doesn't show in the options on my screen.  Is it possible that I've disabled the function?  If so, any guidance as to how I can get it working again.  It's a pretty important function!  Thanks  Stephen

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  • Hi Eskimo

    Thanks enormously for your assistance.  My program is structured a bit differently from your example, as these things go.  I attempted to get the 2 point line back into the line grouping on the Toolbar, but wouldn't show up, who knows why.  I have however added the 2 point line as a separate item on the Toolbar so I can access it draw all the straight lines I like. Thanks again, for being alert, and keeping an eye on questions,  and rescuing those of us who don't always, or don't often master these things.