Print Merge

Hi, I do a lot of laser engraving using the Print Merge feature.  The plaques i engrave are say 50mm wide and 30mm high. When i have approx 100 to print out the merge option is good, however sometimes a few peoples names are too long and i need to go back and remove them from the merge or print the merge out and then when done go back and manually do the ones with names too long.  When i do a print merge, there is the option to merge to new document but that creates 100 individual pages. I have my page layout setup option so that when i print to the laser engraver it has about 20 on a page, but all i can do is print to the printer and not merge all the results to an A4 page or whatever i select.

So if i have 100 names to print out, it would be good if i could generate the merge and it create the result into a corel worksheet which i could then edit the generated merge.

Is there a way to do this?