PNG with transparent background still has visible borders?

Hi everyone! I've got an issue with PNGs. When I print a document, the borders of the transparent background still show up as a slightly different color. If the border goes over something like text, they will distort the edges a little bit as well. I'll include a pic below; you can see the edge of the transparent background running down the middle, along the left edge of the text.

This only shows up when I print; it's not visible on-screen.

I happens with other documents, not just this one. If I export the document as a pdf it's better but it's still visible.

I've converted everything to cmyk, which doesn't seem to make a difference.

I'm using CorelDraw 2017, but perhaps this is a non-version-specific problem.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • I've run in to similar issues in the past.  Are all of the PNGs that react this way coming from the same source, or is it just any PNG you overlay like that? 

    When I run in to issues like this, usually my quick fix is to flatten or combine things by just selecting the PNG and the background image and converting them to a single bitmap before printing.  I know that wrecks your ability to edit further, but usually I save a copy I can still edit and flatten it just before printing or sending out for the client to use for print.  

    Not sure if that helps any but just ideas.