"Community site" organization and search tool

I found a questions with a similar albeit not exactly the same reason as I.

I've found searching the community site very awkward in the way the site is organized into the various 'releases' (ie versions largely identical with a few added features)(cynical inside thinking).

Most questions I have are not specific to the precise release that I am using at the time  (yes, foolishly, I continue to irregularly upgrade hoping things will get better for me. Doesn't usually help much).   When I do a search it often does not help me find the information I need.

I recently had an issue with 'file locations' that showed up with my 2022 release, and I had spent some time fruitlessly looking for an answer.   I accidentally came across the answer today via a google search which showed up in the 2018 forum.  Searching in the community forum search function was not helpful and did not locate this answer - I think because the search utility doesn't work too well.  It seems to search for words individually and is not intelligent enough to use proximity as a tool - do you have any idea how many hits one will get on "file" and "locations" in a general search - an unusably large number.

As a consequence I have found the search tool to be of limited use, and scrolling through questions on the forum equally unhelpful.

I do not know what the answer is.  Perhaps I need to be smarter  (here as in so many other places).  I suspect a reorganization of the forum would be helpful and an enhanced, "AI capable" search utility would be useful.  Somehow tagging responses  (i.e. "answer good for version 2013-2017" or "issue resolved in 2015 version" or "new problem since 2016") would be a useful addition were it possible.

In any case it seems to me the many difficulties that I have effectively using the program, as a relatively infrequent and unskilled user despite some 20+ years of inexperience,  are solved only by trial and error, or not at all.