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Online radio stations are popping up everywhere. The old model where one person had to go to the radio station and sit down through a commercial or talk show, hoping they would eventually tune in to the next one, is quickly becoming an endangered species. In today's world, we rely on instant access to news, entertainment, weather, and information just about anywhere we go. Online radio can provide it all, just from the privacy and comfort of our own home. In fact, many people listen to online radio daily while commuting on public transport or flying at altitude.

Online radio consists of live broadcasts or pre-recorded MP3 files broadcasts that are transmitted over the Internet using a web interface. Compared to AM and FM broadcasting, online radio has no commercial interruption and is suitable for viewers who may not be able to render it to the broadcaster due to geographic barriers or other personal factors. Plus, with online radio, you're not limited to geographic location or syndicated feeds, choosing your broadcast. Online broadcasts are delivered to a global audience via computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices that connect to the Internet (eg, iPhones, netbooks, PDAs, etc.).

In the past, there were several online radio stations offered free listening services. However, most soon began to charge listeners in order to provide streaming services (for example, to play online radio on their mobile phones). Today, most online radio stations offer a free radio service or feedback service where a listener can assess the sound quality of their broadcast and send feedback to the program host or station staff. . Through this feedback process, producers can make changes to improve the listening experience for their listeners. The advantage of this feedback process is that listeners can provide feedback that helps radio stations improve their programs and services. Most online radio stations also provide their listeners with a list of listening options that can be categorized by geographic region and / or category.

One of the advantages of online radio broadcasting is the low cost of production, as most of the programming is done online (and therefore at no additional cost to the host). This is in contrast to the high production and advertising costs often associated with over-the-air broadcasting and the flexibility of using audio broadcast media for digital promotions. When the online radio station sends streaming audio data to a users computer, the file serves as transcription software which stores the audio for later playback. All it needed is an online media player with audio recording capability. The software generates playlists for the user and even mixes tunes from other audio sources into streaming tracks.

One of the challenges of online radio stations is the challenge of attracting audiences. Online radio shows typically target a specific niche or audience, and therefore need to reach a larger audience in order to follow a larger following. For these radio stations, social networking is essential in building a following and ensuring that the right listeners are found. One way to build a following is to sign up for newsletters. Some websites provide auditors with updates via email. Subscribers can then easily check the site for upcoming radio shows.

The ability of online radio stations to stream their shows to mobile devices, such as smartphones or portable MP3 players, is another advancement that has made it possible for viewers to listen to their favorite shows wherever they are. Mobile broadcasts allow listeners to take their favorite program wherever they go. With this in mind, listeners have the ability to tune in and catch a show wherever they are in the world. With the wide range of mobile devices capable of receiving internet signals, there is no limit to the amount of listeners that can tune into a single webcast.

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  • To start broadcasting online, you need some simple equipment. You need a radio microphone or headphones, an Internet connection, and software that allows you to stream audio directly to your computer. These devices are actually pretty basic, which is why online radio stations have been able to do a lot of great programming. But there's more to starting a show with streaming audio than a computer. If you really want to get started with online radio, you should also learn more about the two different ways you can record your audio online.

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