How to stop Export to JPEG dialog when saving changes?

I am editing a JPG image (of an scanned old photograph) which has many artifacts. I'm mostly using the Clone tool and for safety I save the file every time I make one single change in the image. The problem is, the Export to JPEG dialog box appears whenever I save the file, and it's very annoying because I have to close it a lot of times to continue my work.

Is there a way to disable this dialog box? TIA.

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  • I would go the extra mile and say in the quest  for any quality standard the obligation would be to move away front the JPG or any other lossy file format immediately upon importing the file.

    Just up the thread a couple of posts, I suggested opening the .JPG, saving as .CPT or .TIF, and continuing from there.

    In the first reply posted to the question, I suggested opening the .JPG, saving as .CPT, and keeping it in that format throughout the editing process.