Cutting out a shape within a shape

Hello. I have been using CorelDraw for 8 years and have had this problem from time to time and have done internet searches but can not find an answer so here I am.

The problem is that I have an object like a box that I want to cut another shape out of. I can do this some times with no issue by selecting both objects and using the "back minus front" tool. But other times no matter what I do it will not cut the object out.  Example a box with the letter A cut out so I can fill the box with a solid fill but still see through the "A-hole" I created.  I can do this all day most of the time but with some files it just does not work. Customers send files in so maybe thats the issue but it would be nice if there was an easy fix I am missing. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the most recent file I am having problems with. I am trying to cut out the yellow "dotted line" so they will have no fill and you will be able to see though.

The original

Simulated desired outcome. (I just filled the dots with white and red to simulate this. I need the dots cut out though. This is for laser engraving and sometimes white fill causes an issue for us so its best to just have no fill)

  • Time to time it happens with me also, heres what i do.

    Make sure you convert to curves the font.

    make sure all nodes are connected.

    If the above is done and it STill doen't work.

    take the writing "fleetpros" and give it just a little or smallest setting .001 contour to outside and use THAT. And then try your combine tool.

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