Zoom issues with pages?

I have this .CDR file with three pages I created and edited in CorelDRAW 2017. After finishing the drawing, I Ieft it on the first page.

Then I pasted a 1200 x 1200 px 300 dpi .PNG image on the second page and a 738 x 738 px 72 dpi .PNG file on the third page.

Then I copied the drawing from the first page and pasted it on the images on the other pages.

Now let's get to the zoom issue.

If I am viewing the first page and hit the F4 key, I get the drawing almost filling the whole height space, which is normal.

When I go to the second page, I see the 1200 x 1200 px .PNG image in the center of the page like it's 1/3 the size of the page.

When I go to the third page, I see the 738 x 738 px .PNG image going beyond the ruler and the bar below (with the scroll bar).

And if I start by hitting F4 while on the third page, it also affects the zoom on the other pages.

Why is it so? Shouldn't all pages show the same way as set by the F4 key?

I found a kind of workaround for this issue by adding an outline to all pages.

BTW, Zoom relative is set to 1:1. Please help me with this. TIA.