Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - delay in various functions

Hi you all,

after installing the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 64bit we noticed a delay in the follwoing functions:

When starting - takse very long to open a new document.

Copy an object (rectangle) - takes about 30 sec. (busy clock apears)

Print dialog appears after a long delay of about 1 min.

Export to web dialog appears after a long delay of about 1 min.

There might be other problems, but we uninstalled the update. After reinstalling it again, same problems. Now permernatently uninstalled. Normal behavior again.

Any ideas? Does anyone have similar problems?

Thanks for your response.

  • Hi mike-online

    Can you either reply or send me directly how your system configuration is set up (CPU, Memory, Video Card)? I'd like to duplicate your situation as best I can, we regularly test the different OS releases but cannot duplicate every scenario so this would help.  Also, what was your upgrade path to 10 Fall Creator Update, was from their upgrade path or directly from a clean install with Fall Creator Update? Lastly, how many versions of Corel products and their versions do you have installed at the same time on the same system?


    Brian Fraser

    CorelDRAW QA
    Corel Corporation

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