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I been using Coreldraw since it's creation, I now have Coreldraw 2017, and it seems to still have a problem with "True" DXF exports? They are readable on the supplier end (CNC laser, water jet, etc) but not when they try to use in their nesting programs which are used not only for the cutting process, but for the estimating process. I have installed the e-cut plug in which worked great until I upgraded to the Corel Designer package, which reinstalled corel draw 2017 along with the designer suite. Major pain in the ass since all I wanted was corel designer, but anyway, now my e-cut plug in does not do any thing, I've uninstalled, reinstalled got my lic. key, the unlock key but cant get the e-cut to accept the keys, or even allow me to input them? Contacted the e-cut people, (Russia) so big time delay, followed all their instructions, to no avail! I just want to export true DXF files, is their any fix to this, another plug in, or hey maybe if Corel offers a DXF export, should it not it actually have a "working" DXF export? I use this feature everyday and am now two weeks behind on my cutting....Help!

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  • Hi Ornamentals

    I might be able to help, I obviously cannot purchase your software but if you know of a trial version of it a that I can duplicate your issue I might be able to investigate the problem.

    Also if you can pass along the instructions from the Russian company I can then interpret how it might need to be set up. 

    You can send along the information to me directly at brian.fraser@corel.com

    Brian Fraser

    CorelDRAW QA

    Corel Corporation