Default text cursor is rotated 90 degrees

I messed up somewhere and now Corel Draw version 19 (What the marketing people call Corel 2017) default setting for the text cursor is now rotated 90 degrees clockwise. In addition the paragraph text window is rotated 90 degrees clockwise too. How do I reset it to the normal setting?

  • There are some instructions on that here: Why are new text objects vertical?

    If text objects are selected:

    Ctrl+, (Ctrl+comma) makes them horizontal.

    Ctrl+. (Ctrl+period) makes them vertical (rotated 270 degrees counterclockwise).

    Doing either of those without having text objects selected sets the default for new text objects.

    Those instructions specify to have the Text tool active; seems to work for me with the Pick tool active, too.

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  • Thanks it worked fine. I do not have a Corel Reference book. I need to get one.

    I knew nothing about this feature until today, so it was educational for me to look for an answer.

    I had seen this thread fairly recently - Help Rotated Text - but Chris solved his problem at the workspace level.

    It appears to me that this might be a feature to support languages written top-to-bottom. It shows up in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\CorelDRAW\18.0\Draw\Application Preferences\FarEast Text Options\ as "Vertical Text".

    I don't see options for horizontal/vertical text visible anywhere in the UI; just as keyboard shortcuts. I think something's wrong there.