Fix for being accused of stealing CorelDRAW!

I had an disappointing experience with Corel today. CorelDRAW/Photo Paint started displaying an "Illegal Software" message offering me amnesty and such.

Since I don't steal software and was offended at the implication, I contacted Corel by chat.

They asked for my serial number, which I gave them, but accidentally gave my X7 number from which I had upgraded. The rep then went on to tell me how my serial number was not for the version I was using. I was offended at the implication.

Now, bearing in mind that I bought X7 and the upgrade to 2017 from Corel, and should be in their system, I dug into my records to find my copy of the receipt to prove my innocence. That didn't sit well with me, either.

So, then, the customer service guy tells me to do this:

<quote>Delete Corel message folder to correct the issue.

1. Press Windows key + R.
2. Type %appdata% and hit enter.
3. Go to Corel folder
4. Delete the "Messages" folder </quote>

That worked. The accusational message box no longer appeared. So I asked, why didn't the service guy suggest that first instead of making me jump through all those other hoops to prove my innocence and what the ^ happened in the first place to provoke the software-theft-accusation dialog box.

None of this was cool or professional from Corel. None of it.

Anyway, rant aside, there's the fix if you get accused of stealing your software by Corel.


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  • Corel has the worst customer service period I've been Corel user since 2002 and my beef with them is auto billing me for upgrade when I had clearly turned if last year...when I was auto billed I logged in turned off auto bill again and initiated refunded through Cleverbridge (Core's payment processor) Corel blames me because they auto billed me WTF!!!!

    They said they did me a favour of extending the software upgrade package so nice of them to do me a favor.. I re-purchased the upgrade protection and nadda there was no indication in my corel account that I had purchased the upgrade protection, figured it would take 24 hours to kick in NADA!!!!!!!!!! 

    24 hours lated corel told me they no longer provide that information to Corel User WTF!@#$!@#$!$@#!$ guess what initiated 2nd refund though Cleverbrige and explain in detail that their Client is screwing it's customers around. Granted this i snot a Cleverbridge problem but it reflects badly on them to have 2 refunds in a row from Corel.

    Corel has the worst custom service compared to Adobe. At least with Adobe they will work to fix things no blame the customer!

    DO NOT BUY INTO THAT UPGRADE CRAP, in the long run it will cost you more buy coreldraw and Corel always changes that policy! 

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