Upgrade Program No Longer Shows in Account?

Since x6 I've been on the Upgrade Program.  The other day I'm checking my account and notice it says:

Start Date: 2017-12-27
Renewal Date: 2018-12-27
Days Left: 42
Renewal Type: On Demand
License(s): 1
Serial Number:  DR18.../DR19...
Status:  Expired
So I contact the questionably outsourced tech support once again, and am greeted with this reply:
Please be informed that there have been some changes and the upgrade program/renewal information
will no longer appear on the user's corel.com portal account due to system changes that we have had.
Our systems will automatically send users installation details to newer versions ( as and when released )
if the account is eligible to the newer version. The user can ignore the corel.com account as it has no impact on the usage of their license.
It is only a system change wherein the information will no longer appear for any user on the corel.com account.

This seems rather fishy to me.  It also came not long after I had to email them because my 2017 wouldn't log in with the Error:Unknown Error issue.  After a couple days of silence, they "adjusted some things on their server" and everything was OK here.