CorelDraw x7 tells me we have an illegal copy at work... TOTAL BS

I logged off end of work Friday and there pops up this message from Corel, telling me that our software is illegal, and all functionality will be halted and if I have a problem with this, we need to contact them with our licence and proof of purchase, or buy legal software. We upgraded from a legal copy of 14 to X7 about 3 years ago. I have no idea where the proof of purchase is, I hope and pray somebody saved it somewhere, as I have no idea. I'm just the *** who has to re-install the software every time something goes wrong with a PC. I am also the *** who has to keep track of the 4 legal and verified licences and all the various emails and accounts and passwords that goes with this mess. 

I am feeling rather insulted and annoyed that legal copies with the disc and the license are now called illegal and held for ransom. Is this how you treat loyal customers?? Now it's my problem to sort out when you make mistakes??  We don't want to buy your new software. The very fact that files are not backwards compatible is a sign that you are trying to force your users to keep buying your software. 

I use my software daily for creating artwork. I don't have the time to try and convince you people of the legality of my legal software. And from what I hear, contacting customer support will not give me quick results either.

I'll ask the boss if he wants to upgrade, but as for myself... if my legal copy at home gets this issue, I will start working with something else.  

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