Coreldraw 2018 VBA error Out of Memory

Guys I Had to reinstall windows which meant I had to reinstall Coreldraw 2018

I have written several macros most of which loaded OK and run

I have one macro that every time I run it I get the error "system error &H8000FFFF" and then a box that says "Out of Memory"

On Looking at Macro Manager the macro is there and on inspection all the code is there but every time I run the form it spews out this error

It was working fine before the reinstall and I have read all the threads about virtual memory swap files and temp files but this has no effect

The form does have a lot of buttons and pages but as I said it ran before and the only diffrenec is im running windows 10 pro instead of enterprise would that make a difference?

The Macro file size is only 4.8mb

Any Help is appreciated